需要设备范围内的气流供您操作? High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans facilitate a mixing of warm and cool air in a vertical, 循环模式. 随着时间的推移, a continuous mixing of air will promote a more uniform temperature profile from floor to ceiling.

  • 大容量低速风机| HVLS风机|仓库产品

    高5 HVLS吊扇

    HVLS风扇有助于大空间空气的分层, 冬天的热量循环,夏天的冷空气. 直径范围从8 '到24 ', there's a HVLS fan or combination of fans perfect for your unique facility.

  • 智能风机控制|变频驱动|仓库风机


    Variable Frequency Drives allow for remote mounting of a keypad for centralized control. 单相和三相可选, these drives have multiple faults and alarms designed to protect the fan motor and gearbox—and can be easily daisy chained to other drives.

High Volume Low Speed Fan Specifications | HVLS Specs | 仓库的产品


The high velocity industrial-grade fans we offer are perfect for use for use in warehouses and fulfillment centers on rack, 工作站, 列, 通道, 航运和集结地, 装货码头, 交叉码头, 选择模块, 在基座上. 它们有各种各样的款式和尺寸 越来越多的选择-当与适当大小的组合时 功率管这些高速风扇真的可以覆盖很大的空间.

空气投掷距离|仓库风机| HVF

  • workstation fan 10 inch | warehouse fans | material handling products


    不要因为它的小尺寸而气馁, 这个轻量级的, 有效的, and rugged fan is perfect for individual 工作站 or ventilation in restricted areas.

  • 高速风机|仓库风机|物料搬运产品


    是否需要空气流通或通风, these heavy-duty industrial fans are perfect for essentially any area in your factory or warehouse—available in a variety of sizes, 风格, 甚至可以定制颜色.

  • 高速风机 34 inch | warehouse fans | material handling products


    34英寸的高速风扇是我们提供的最大的风扇, 室内空气投掷距离在200到230英尺之间. 就像我们携带的其他高速风扇一样,它可以 以各种方式安装.

  • 不锈钢风机|仓库风机|物料搬运产品


    Stainless steel construction is offered on 14, 18, 22, 26, and 30-inch size fans. 每个风扇都采用#304抛光不锈钢外壳, 符合OSHA标准的不锈钢护指, 不锈钢刀片. Completely enclosed motor, washdown duty motors, and stainless steel motors are available.

  • 镀锌风机|仓库风机|物料搬运产品


    所有14" - 34"风扇都具有耐腐蚀性, 热浸镀锌涂层船体, galvalum叶片, 不锈钢五金, 符合OSHA标准的不锈钢或镀锌护指.

  • 挑选模块风扇静音|仓库风扇|物料搬运产品


    考虑到配送和履行中心, the db quiet fan from Patterson takes the need for air movement and combines it with the requirement to hear voice picking commands.

  • 码头门扇|仓库扇|物料搬运产品


    beta365撞到你的装货码头风扇? 那么高速卡车冷却器是给你的. 3200 CFM,可安装在离地面7英尺的地方, 这个紧凑的码头门风扇是出路, 只占用6英寸的门空间.

  • 底座笼式风机|仓库风机|物料搬运产品


    最高可达9700 CFM, 我们提供一系列的强力, 重型笼式风扇,可在18, 24英寸和30英寸的. 产品显示与可选的基座安装. 柱壁安装也可用.


The Patterson 功率管 is an industrial-grade fabric air duct that allows you to efficiently direct and control airflow distribution over large areas with a single fan.


功率管s are available in five standard models (each connecting with an appropriately sized 高速风机)和无限数量的自定义配置. The five models have been engineered with optimal airflow in mind; the tube length, 孔的大小, and hole spacing were calculated so that the area along the entire length of the tube would receive smooth, 持续的空气运动.

  • 布艺风管|工业风机|仓库产品


     •移动高达12,000 CFM的余热

    通过考虑工作区域的大小, 平面图和其他变量, our sales engineers will help you design a system that meets the unique air movement requirements of your application.


We offer a wide variety of mounts to direct airflow exactly where you need it. 不打算修改这些安装选项. Please consult with one of our knowledgeable associates for approval.

  • 风机轭架安装|仓库风机|物料搬运产品


    The yoke mount can be used separately or in conjunction with other mounts to secure 高速风机s in a variety of ways.

  • 柱壁风机安装件|仓库风机|物料搬运产品


    当与轭结合时, these mounts can be used to secure 高速风机s to 列 and 墙 in your facility.

  • 风机架安装|仓库风机|物料搬运产品


    The bolted hinge of the rack mount allows for airflow to be directed where it's needed most, 并在需要时进行调整.

  • 货车冷却器风扇安装架|仓库风扇|物料搬运产品


    与卡车冷却器安装, dock fans can be secured to the top corner of either side of the dock door, 让风扇吹到卡车后面.

  • 梁夹风机安装架|仓库风机|物料搬运产品


    与轭架安装一起使用, the beam clamp allows for 高速风机s to be securely attached to flanges of different thicknesses.

  • chain suspension fan mount | warehouse fans | material handling products


    The chain suspension kit allows you to securely hang a 高速风机 from beams and other overhead structures using three eye bolts and lengths of chain.

  • pedestal base fan mount | warehouse fans | material handling products


    This pedestal base can be used with any of our 10-30" 高速风机s.

  • pedestal base fan mount 34 inch | warehouse fans | material handling products


    This rugged and reinforced pedestal base supports the large 34" 高速风机.

  • 可移植的 fan stroller mount | warehouse fans | material handling products


    The 可移植的 stroller based allows you to move any size 高速风机 to where you need airflow most.


去除抽烟, 冷凝, fumes and more from your facility with our total ventilation solutions, 包括:供风机, 墙抽风机, 屋顶通风机.

  • 墙体排风机LC |仓库风机|物料搬运产品


    The light duty wall exhauster is available in sizes 20 to 60-inch, and boasts 3,000 to 40,000 CFM.

  • 墙排风机L2 |仓库风机|物料搬运产品


    The medium duty wall exhauster is available in sizes 24 to 60-inch, and boasts 5,000 to 47,000 CFM.

  • 墙排风机L3 |仓库风机|物料搬运产品


    The heavy duty wall exhauster is available in sizes 42 to 72-inch, and boasts 25,000 to 85,000 CFM.


  • 下风屋顶抽风机|仓库通风|卡罗莱纳搬运


    This belt-driven centrifugal roof exhauster has an attractive spun aluminum exterior and non-overloading backward inclined wheel for efficiency at higher static pressures—it exhausts air up to 28,000 CFM.

  • 带传动螺旋桨上喷风机


    The belt-driven upblast roof mounted exhauster is designed to economically remove large volumes of air, 烟雾和汽气,最小驱动马力为150%.

  • 带传动螺旋桨上喷风机


    The direct drive upblast roof mounted exhauster requires less maintenance than belt-driven models. It has cast iron pillow blocks, doubled sealed and prelubricated, designed for 200,000 hour life.


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